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Wine, a special gift for Christmas

Everyone has a gourmet – or a foodie, as they are called now – in their family or circle of close friends. One of those who, although not food or wine experts, are however really keen onfinding new products, getting to know their history, and learningso that they can later enjoy themselves with more intensity and enthusiasm at table. Wine can be a great gift to surprise these lovers of food and drinks with a …

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vino Finca La Emperatriz - wine

Our wines at the Gourmet Fashion Day

On December 2 Finca La Emperatriz accompanied customers while shopping at the finest boutiques of Serrano and Ortega y Gasset Streets and ÚnicoHotel in Madrid during the first edition of the Gourmet Fashion Day, a private event which glamorously paired fashion, luxury, wine and gastronomy. This way,those visiting the Carrera y Carrera jewelry shop enjoyed the harmony of Finca La Emperatriz ViuraCepas Viejas 2010 and a delicious ‘Orange pearl caviar solitaire ring‘ while shopping in a relaxed …

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Gourmet Fashion Day

Tasting La Rioja, for food and wine lovers

Finca La Emperatriz supported gastronomy from La Rioja at Degusta La Rioja (Tasting La Rioja), the conference organized in Riojaforum,where we could share our wines with all the good food lovers who came to hear the proposals of producers, chefs and establishments from the region. Journalist Pablo García Mancha called this event “Tasting La Rioja is the great common home of gastronomy of La Rioja”. It was a great opportunity to add value to the products and the …

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Degusta La Rioja