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Wines to fall in love

Do you know the origin of the celebration of Valentine’s Day? Most are unaware that this celebration goes back to Roman Empire times when St. Valentine, a third century Roman priest disregarded the orders of Emperor Claudius III, who decided to forbid marriage at a young age in order to ensure warriors were more committed to the Empire, since he believed that single men made better soldiers than those who were married.

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Finca La Emperatriz San Valentin

Harmony with Finca La Emperatriz

It is no secret that wine is best enjoyed with good food and in good company. So when La Tavina restaurant suggested that we take part in its wine tasting and pairing program we could not say no. This urban tavern has undoubtedly managed to bring a breath of fresh air to Logroño’s gourmet scene by making Monday nights more bearable thanks to this proposal which combines wine and gastronomy into a special experience.

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finca la emperatriz armonías bacalao