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Six medals for Finca La Emperatriz wines

The wines from Finca La Emperatriz have once again been awarded 6 medals – 3 gold and 3 silver – at major international competitions. At the International Wine Challenge held in the UK one of the world’s most influential competitions, our wines made from old vines stood out as some of the best among the more than 10,000 samples from 45 countries submitted for competition in this latest edition.

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Publish on 10 June, 2013 a las 10:31

premios Finca la Emperatriz

Bourdeaux wines ‘en primeur’

Bordeaux is a true benchmark for international winemaking, and this year at Finca La Emperatriz we want to find out more about one of the key activities of the region’s wineries: en primeur tastings, or wine futures. Wineries invite the “negotians” to taste their wines. This tasting is done about six months after production and according to the quality of wine,a price is established between the property and the merchant. For those of you who are …

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Fle at Primeur Bordeaux

Pheromones in the vineyard

Spring doesn’t only wake up the vines; it also wakes up certain insects and other small creatures that can damage to the vineleaves. To deal with this problem, at Finca La Emperatriz we’ve impregnated our vines with pheromones, chemical substances that are secreted by living organisms to provoke certain behaviours in other individuals of the same species.

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Finca La Emperatriz viticultura