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The old Garnacha vines are one of the jewels in our crown at La Emperatiz Estate; they are found in one of the stoniest and poorest areas on our estate: plot no.5. When we acquired the estate, we decided to maintain them – contrary to the general trend to replace them with Tempranillo, the chief variety in the appellation. In this way, we were choosing to revitalise the cultivation of a variety that has over …

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Publish on 23 August, 2013 a las 9:52

Wine and five ways to enjoy life in the summer

All year waiting for the good weather and finally we find ourselves in the season of fun, when we can give rein to our little whims in the holidays: enjoy our free time, our family and friends, relaxation, travelling, playing sport, etc. However you choose to spend these days, we would like to propose five great plans that will be enormously improved when accompanied by a good wine.

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Summer work in the vineyard

Summer at Finca La Emperatriz is a time to work by lovingly preparing the various plots in order to achieve exceptional grapes when the much anticipated time of the harvest finally comes. By now the grapes have already reached maximum growth, so we have cut any plants covering the ground in the vineyards in order to prevent them from competing with the vines for water and nutrients, which have started to become scarce.

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Publish on 1 August, 2013 a las 10:46