Visit from International Clients

Finca la Emperatriz recently held its traditional Training Week, when we invite our international clients to visit the estate in person and acquaint themselves with the personality of our winery and products. To this unforgettable experience is added the opportunity to explore La Rioja, wine country par excellence.

For this latest edition of the event, which took place from 30 September to 3 October, we were joined at Baños de Rioja by six clients from Brazil, Germany, Holland and Poland.

On the first day we wanted to show them the unique qualities of our estate, so we showed them how our vineyards evolve throughout the different seasons of the year and gave them an opportunity to sample grapes from different plots and of different varieties, in order to assess their ripeness a few days before beginning the 2013 harvest.

Following this introduction to the different plots and terroirs of the estate, we tasted wines from both the bottle and the barrel, exchanging our impressions of their individual nuances and finding out about the philosophy behind each one. This highly intensive day, immersed in experiencing the estate and the winery, culminated with a vertical tasting of two of the wines from our plots.

The second day involved a variety of locations within Rioja Alta, as we wanted to take our clients on a route that would show them the region, cuisine, culture, customs and the like – basically, to make them feel part of the authentic La Rioja way of life. And what better way to add the finishing touch to this experience than with a dinner accompanied by fine wines and the house specialities offered by the establishments on Calle Laurel in Logroño?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our participants for their attendance. We hope they enjoyed the experience and that it will help them communicate the qualities of our estate and our wines to consumers in their home countries.


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