We are always fascinated to read the opinion of the wine writers who taste our wines, and it’s at this time of year the Peñín Guide is published, Spain’s leading wine guide and the only one which has a truly international reputation.

Originally written by José Peñín himself, the guide is now so large that it requires a whole team of experts to taste all the wines. We are, once again, overwhelmed by the excellent results we’ve achieved and the points awarded by the team of experts. Top marks this year year have gone to Finca La Emperatriz Parcela nº1 2012, with 94 points, and Finca La Emperatriz Terruño 2011 with 93. Hot on their heels we find Finca La Emperatriz Garnacha Cepas Viejas 2013 and Finca La Emperatriz Viura Cepas Viejas 2013, which were both given 91 points, in other words all of our wines in the single plot range achieved over 90 points.

Our wines in our so-called ‘Classic Blends’ range also got great ratings – not only did they get the 91 and 90 points awarded, respectively, to Reserva 2010 and Crianza 2012, but also, at this price level, the Peñín team also awards a star rating for value for money – three stars for Finca la Emperatriz Reserva, four for Finca la Emperatriz Viura and the top rating, 5 stars, for Finca la Emperatriz Crianza 2012

As a result of the great ratings we achieved, we were invited by the publisher to take part in his showroom presentation for Spain’s best wines – this is the 16th time that they have brought together all those wines which were ranked with 93 points or over. On 29th October, in Madrid’s Congress Hall, we stood alongside the very best wines in Spain as over 4,000 professional visitors came to taste our wines. This is not only an honour, but also an opportunity to see how we fare against the very best and hear the professional opinions of key people in our industry, in order to learn how we can improve our wines further in the future.

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