The artisan way at Finca La Emperatriz

At Finca La Emperatriz we make artisan wine by applying a philosophy rooted in the love for the land, for our fields, and in the passion for wine making. But the concept of artisans’ work at Finca La Emperatriz goes far beyond, it is almost a mantra. This is why we would like to share our ‘Reflections on craftsmanship with a glass of wine’ with all of you, just as we did with the cooks and all those who attended the Diálogos de Cocina (Kitchen Dialogues) conference.

- EXPERTISE: Making wine and taking care of the fields is what we do every day, our daily duty. Without breaks, beyond what nature allows us to do. Adapting our time to hers.

- VOCATION: We make wine as a vocation, almost unconsciously impulsively. We are deeply committed to our fulfillment through the wines we make at Finca La Emperatriz.

- ATTENTION TO DETAIL: Getting to know the nuances of our estate, the unique environment in which we work, makes us aware of how different we can be. Paying close attention to the soil, to each grape vine or variety, to the weather, makes us strive for the union of wine and vintage, from the selection of the raw materials. We add personal value to products.

- LEARNING: Nature teaches us what to do in the fields in a practical manner. The land as a mentor, from which we learn year after year. The task of our entire team. We are evolving with it.

- HAND CRAFT & SENSORIALITY: Our tasting senses, our farmer hands discover the sensations offered to us by the land, the vineyard, its fruit. Tasting, savoring, relishing.

- THE PRACTICALITY OF OBJECTS: We aim to create a useful product, our wine. To make people happy, to accompany food and conversation. To become allies in a lifestyle.

- DESIGN & LOOK: We create along with nature. Together with time, we design a look to match our values. Backed by customers, who endorse our vision.

- TERROIR: We only use what our estate gives us, thus reinforcing territoriality and the specificity of the land and the extreme climate of Finca La Emperatriz. The reason why it was created and the reason to live on.

- CULTURE: The history of the estate showed us the type of product, the kind of episodes it brought about. Tradition and progress of an area which is always getting to know itself, which makes us follow the legacy that vines planted at Finca La Emperatriz.

- SCENERY: Respect, admiration and sustainable development of an exceptional and unique geographical reality. Horizons and personal interpretation brought together through wine in an ideal location.

- TECHNOLOGY: To keep doing the same thing, to improve.


This is how we see “the artisan way” at Finca La Emperatriz. What about you? Are you into the artisan way?

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