Pheromones in the vineyard

Spring doesn’t only wake up the vines; it also wakes up certain insects and other small creatures that can damage to the vineleaves.

To deal with this problem, at Finca La Emperatriz we’ve impregnated our vines with pheromones, chemical substances that are secreted by living organisms to provoke certain behaviours in other individuals of the same species.


Specifically, we use diffusers to spread a pheromone from the European grapevine moth (Lobesia botrana). This pheromone prevents the moth from reproducing, generating a sexual confusion that prevents the male moths from locating the females.

Thanks to this system we’re able to avoid using insecticides, which kill the animals, and instead choose ecological products that help control the moth population (by making it difficult for the males and females to have contact) and respect the natural environment and ecosystem of our vineyard.

Finca La Emperatriz viticultura

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