For the first time, Finca la Emperatriz has opened up officially to visitors, so that people who are interested in our wines and the estate can come along and learn more about it. After long months of preparation, both of the buildings and the people who look after our visitors, we have chosen to take a slightly different path to many others in Rioja and focus on our vineyard. We have long believed that the vineyard is the key to making great wines and we want to try and get that across to all those who come to visit us.

We offer two packages, called the ‘Classic blend visit” and the “Single Plot visit”, both of which explain to our visitors why our vineyards and unique and important to making our wines. Rubén Quintana, who is in charge of the visitor’s centre, will take all of our visitors on a stroll through the vineyards and explain the secrets of the vine and the specific quality of the terroir at Finca la Emperatriz.

Both visits start with a short introduction to the history of the estate, telling the story of how the land once belonged to the Empress of France, Eugenia Montijo and how, even in her day, vines were grown there and she had her own winery. And both visits are rounded off with a tasting of our wines along with a few tapas in a specially created tasting area.




But above all, to visit Finca la Emperatriz is to come and relax in the tranquil surroundings of the garden terrace, where the hours can pass sitting chatting with friends,  enjoying the countryside and drinking an excellent glass of wine.

Visits are by appointment only and we should point out that we don’t group different visits together, a personal and exclusive welcome are what sets us apart. Come along and get to know more about us!

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