In the most recent issue of the influential Spanish wine magazine, “Planeta Vino”, in December, a long and detailed article about Finca la Emperatriz appeared. Journalist and editor of this magazine, Andrés Proensa, has long been one of the key figures in the Spanish wine press and his excellent and rigourous magazine has now been on the shelves for over ten years, becoming a respected voice in the trade for its independence and rigour.




Andrés Proensa has been around for a long time in the Spanish wine trade, since well before Finca la Emperatriz came onto the market, taking on a whole series of projects in different parts of the wine press, before setting out on his own with a company called Vadevino Editorial. His objectivity and incorruptible impartiality have often brought him into conflict with the industry, but this has largely served to underline the quality of his journalism and to receive the plaudits of his colleagues which has allowed his magazine to flourish even in these more digital times.


As we were saying in the latest issue, Proensa himself writes a long article, which in itself is a great satisfaction as it implies that we are on the right track, that what we are doing is of interest to others; that sort of recognition is a great motivation. The article takes us back through the history of the winery, from the very beginning in 1996, when the company was set up without any great fanfare. In conversation with Eduardo Hernáiz, the article tells how we have grown and developed and over time have found our niche within the world of quality wines in Rioja.

We would like to express our gratitude to Andrés Proensa and his team for the article that they produced and at the same time congratulate them on their vital contribution to Spanish wine culture. Without their articles and opinions, expressed both in their own magazine and columns in other publications, the level of wine knowledge in Spain would be much lower and the wine connoisseurs of Spain would have a much poorer idea of the wines available on the Spanish market, so thanks to them wineries like ourselves at Finca la Emperatriz can continue to improve our wines year after year.

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