Luzius and Finca La Emperatriz

On 31 October we will be in Madrid, where we are going to help our friend Daniel Ortiz present his debut novel, Luzius, with the support of our wines.

Luzius is a work of fantasy, incorporating delirious dialogues, a liberal sprinkling of black humour and a penetrating, absurd and intriguing air of the unreal. It is a book unlike anything you will have ever read before.

The project stemmed from the idea of creating a graphic novel that would narrate the adventures of a complex character known as Luzius. Little by little, the adventure grew and metamorphosed into an entire novel.

Luzius’ life is grotesque; a spiral into nonsensicality. So he decides to commit suicide. He throws himself off the roof of a building, but as he’s falling he realises he’s made a mistake and that, actually, he wants to live. A few moments later, to his surprise, he discovers that he’s unharmed – and that Death is at his side. So begins this fantastical tale in which a series of wishes, the very existence of the protagonist and the persona of Death play key roles.

The presentation is to take place at 7.00 pm on Thursday 31 October at the comic-book store Generación X (Puebla 15, Metro Callao). It will be a very special celebration in which you will be able to follow the adventures of Luzius at first hand, while enjoying an entertaining evening in the company of good friends and our fine wines from Finca La Emperatriz.

If you don’t live in Madrid, you can read the opening chapters of the novel at the website of our friend Daniel Ortiz, or if you prefer you can buy the book by clicking on this link.


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