Getting on for a year ago we posted here to tell you all about a competition which had taken place in China, the Wine 100 Trophy. On that occasion, we reported that Finca la Emperatriz had taken one of the show’s top prizes, the Best Wine of Spain, awarded to Finca La Emperatriz Terruño 2011.

Having taken the top prize the year before, one feels under a certain obligation to the organizers and other participants in the competition to take part again, whilst aware that the chances of winning again are tiny… But nevertheless, we are posting again, because, as impossible as it seems, fortune has smiled on us again: the category of Best Wine of Spain at the 2017 edition of the Wine 100 Trophy was once again won by a wine from Finca la Emperatriz, this time the 2012 Reserva. But was it really just luck? Probably not, we’d like to think that this second victory demonstrates that our wines are really well-liked by the Chinese wine connoisseur.


That is precisely one of the great values of this competition. The jury is made up of international critics – including a few Masters of Wine – on the one hand, but a large part are also experts from the Chinese Wine industry, as one of the main objectives of the competition was to judge how well the wines would fit to the taste of the Chinese wine drinker.

The wines of Finca la Emperatriz are right there, among the favourites of the Chinese wine drinker. As well as the Gold medal and best in show trophy for the 2012 Reserva, our Garnacha Cepas Viejas 2014 also won a gold medal and Crianza 2013 was awarded a bronze. All great news for our export team, who have been working on the Chinese market since 2010, let’s hope that these medals give our wines a further impulse.

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